Tree Surgeons Blackheath

Tree Surgeons Blackheath has become Blackheaths preferred provider of tree care services. Our professional team utilizes cutting edge equipment to tackle challenging jobs with the experience and skill necessary for performing advanced tree services in a safe and efficient manner. We are synonymous with quality and reliability in Blackheath – a leading reason why our client base keeps increasing with each passing day.

As the leading provider of tree services in Blackheath, we are very particular about using safe practices only. As a result, we only utilize the safest and newest equipment available on the market. However, our premium equipment also makes us qualified to take on very large and challenging jobs that cannot be done by other local tree care contractors. Our ingenuity and flexibility help us provide outstanding customer service in Blackheath to all clients who engage our services.

We are extremely proud to state that we service every kind of property, from large scale developments to investment properties, from commercial to residential developments. We intend to ensure our customers aren’t liable for any damages. We possess all the necessary insurance coverage and licenses for providing our services. You have nothing to lose by engaging our services. We also believe in being punctual and working hard to achieve the results you want. We are incredibly grateful for your orders and won’t give up until we’ve proven our capabilities to you. We charge affordable rates and are ready to carry out any project, whether small or big, without any hesitation at all.

Tree Surgeons Blackheath

Here are 8 good reasons why you should engage our services. You can go through them and weigh us against our competitors’ offerings if you’d like to learn more about why we are ideal for commercial and residential customers in Blackheath.

  • Fully Insured Services         

We happen to be fully insured since it is our intention to protect your family against any liabilities. No matter what happens, our clients will always be safe from any negative consequences.

  • Affordable Services

We can guarantee you high-quality work with complete customer satisfaction at affordable rates. We know how hard you work to earn your money and aren’t looking to charge anything over the market rate. You’ll find that our rates are among the most competitive in the area. As a result, many customers have returned time and again to engage our affordable services.

  • We Take Care of Everything

You’ll find that our team is capable of performing almost anything related to tree care, from cutting down enormous trees to clearing out unwanted brush lying around in the backyard. We’ll take care of everything related to the job – even raking the leaves that had fallen from the cut tree. Once we’re done, we clean the property thoroughly and make it seem like you never had a tree care crew attend to your property before. Before you know it, your neighbors will be jealous of the quality!

  • Ready to Handle Projects of Any Size

Since we’re passionate and very particular about providing top-notch services, we employ only the best in business and stock only the very best tools. We service and maintain all our equipment on a regular basis, for retaining it in a top-notch state. As a result, we are capable of handling almost anything you need from us, without a flinch.

  • We prioritize safety over everything else

Here at Paradise Tree Surgeons and Landscaping, our highest priority is safety. Our team of professionals possesses all requisite certifications and adhere and practice established guidelines. We also use only premium equipment that is known for their reliability and safety for carrying out our tasks. We assure you – no harm will come to either you or our workers while we clean up your backyard. Thanks to our stringent safety standards, your projects will be completed in the least amount of time without causing any harm to you or others.

Our Services

Arborist Tree Surgeon

Our skilled tree surgeons provide canopy raising, stump removal, tree sculpting, tree maintenance, and tree felling services. We can also help you prune overhanging branches and submit arborist reports to the relevant authorities to obtain development approvals.

Gardening Services

Landscape Gardening refers to an aesthetic field in Horticulture that deals with the planting and placement of ornamental trees and plants in an arrangement that gives rise to a picturesque scene. It’s an interesting and fascinating subject. Landscape gardening may be defined to be the process of decorating a plot with trees, plants, and other attractive garden materials for producing a naturalistic and picturesque effect. Consult us if you’d like to learn more about landscape gardening.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can blemish your beautiful landscape, turn into a colony for pests, or become a hazard. We utilize highly advanced stump grinding tools, which help our experts eliminate stumps in a safe manner without damaging the look of your beautiful landscape. We’re aware that stump grinding isn’t a great option for most business or homeowners since it can be dangerous, time-consuming, or even tricky. Contact us today and get that stump removed at the earliest.


Our skilled & experienced team of professionals are known for their top-quality fencing services. We carry out each job just like we do our own. In case you would live to replace hedges with fences, install gates, or replace fencing, leave it to us entirely and we’ll get it done without any fuss. Our cost-effective prices, meticulous attention to the garden’s details, outstanding craftsmanship, and fencing products have enabled us to become one of the best Blackheath tree care specialists.

Grounds Maintenance

We also provide ground maintenance services that will shoot the value of your property through the roof and beautify your property in a completely innovative way. Our professionals are aware of the importance of cleaning an entire property every once in a while, to keep it intact and attractive. We will clean your grounds at regular and make necessary changes, as may be needed, for taking its looks to the next level. 

Paradise Tree Surgeons and Landscaping, 8 Polebrook Rd, London SE3 8QR, 020 3137 4996.

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