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Roof Cleaners & Roof Moss Removal

Roof Cleaners & Roof Moss Removal.
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Roof Cleaners & Roof Moss Removal. All across the UK, millions of homes are affected by the same problem. What is that problem? An uncleaned roof. You may pay little attention to the condition of your roof, presuming that as long as it’s not broken, everything is fine. But many do not know the dangers involved in neglecting a roof, and roof moss removal, and what ramifications can result from that. This is why roof cleaning and roof moss removal is essential to the welfare of your home.

Why is keeping your roof clean and roof moss removal so important? The basic purpose of any roof is protection. Roofs provide the necessary protection to a structure depending on the location. In most areas of Britain, including London, Surrey, Kent, and Essex, the weather is often damp and windy, resulting in a plethora of issues that can seriously damage not only your roof but your entire home if left uncared for, so contact your local roof cleaning and roof moss removal company as soon as possible.

What is the answer to this underrated issue? Well, you do not have to spend hours researching the causes and solutions to roof damage and roof moss removal, or buy the many tools, chemicals, and safety gear in order to get a thorough and safe job done. You can simply turn to your local roof moss removal or roof cleaning contractor to provide an efficient and cost-effective method, leaving you and your roof happy and satisfied.

So, the question arises, can you clean a roof? Of course, you can! There is a whole community and network of methods and tools to get the best possible results in roof cleaning and roof moss removal. The majority of people are not even aware that a roof can be professionally cleaned, or that there are roof cleaning and roof moss removal services out there. There are generally two main methods for roof cleaning. They are: Pressure Washing, and Chemical Cleaning.

Each method has its cons and pros. Depending on the roof moss removal company or roof cleaning company you use, methods vary. Pressure washing is best for industrial roofs such as ones made from concrete or metal. But as most of Britain’s home’s roofs are made from materials such as terracotta, asphalt, and ceramic granules, this is not always the best option as it does more harm than good and greatly damage the structure of the tiles and roof in whole. Chemical cleaning is much more effective than pressure washing, but only if the roof cleaning and roof moss removal contractors know exactly how to use the chemical, as they should know how to balance use of the chemical without causing any harm to your roof or surrounding property.

So, now that you know enough about roof cleaning and roof moss removal, you are probably thinking how much this will cost you. Well, fortunately, most roof cleaning and roof moss removal contractors provide fair prices. Keep in mind, the quote of cleaning your roof will depend on the area/size of the roof and its shape. A small, simple roof on a bungalow will not cost as much as a large roof with complicated sections on a three-story house. How much does roof cleaning cost? You can expect prices to range from £200-£1000 for the typical house. In comparison with the cost of replacing a roof, this is a deal, as it will not only increase the longevity of your roof and therefore property, but also increase the overall value, and on top of that- it will look first-rate! Check with your local roof moss removal and roof cleaning company for specific prices.

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The most common enemy of roofs in places like London, Kent, Surrey, and Essex, where the air is damp, is moss, this is why getting in touch with your local roof moss removal company. Moss can cause numerous problems is left untended to, and to add to it, it’s a definite eyesore. If you do notice moss on your roof, do not waste too much time sorting it out, as overtime, moss grows and can cover the entirety of your roof. So, the quicker you see to hiring a roof moss removal and roof cleaning service, the easier and cheaper the job will be, and you can avoid expensive repairs or replacements.

Roof moss removal and roof cleaning is a relatively pain-free process, if the right tools, chemicals, and safety precautions are used. The benefits of roof moss removal are numerous and will save you much effort and money in the long run. The name a few, removing the moss from your roof using roof treatment methods will greatly improve the health of your property and prevent the surrounding gutters from being clogged up. One of the biggest causes of gutter blockage is moss. If moss is left in the gutter for a long period of time, the downpipe will eventually no longer drain any water or debris from your roof and can overflow and cause water damage to the walls and interior of your home. Roof cleaning and roof moss removal contractors will sort out your roof in no time.

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How much does it cost to remove moss from a roof? How much does a roof moss removal service charge? How much does a roof cleaning company charge? Again, prices will vary depending on the specifications of the job, but for cost, you are looking at between £200-£700 for an anti-moss treatment. Contact your local roof moss removal service or roof cleaning company for an efficient quote.

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What chemicals are used to clean roofs? Typically, an oxygen-based product or biocide are used for roof cleaning as they are safe and reliable. On particularly troublesome areas, such as areas covered in moss, algae, mildew, or mould, chlorine bleach is used. This can sound off-putting, but if it is professionally and safely applied, there should be no issues. There are other eco-friendly alternatives, but these are often expensive and ineffective. So, we recommend going with what the majority of roof cleaners use as it is efficient, quick, and inexpensive. Chemical cleaning always beats pressure washing as it kills the moss and leaves a layer of chemical that will prevent any future moss growing, keeping the health and condition of your roof in top-notch.

Can leaves damage a roof? The majority of houses across the UK are next to or near trees. Overtime, a build up of leaves left on your roof can cause a surprising amount of problems and damage. Leaves that are not cleared away will rot and infect your roof with mould and mildew or cause a leak that will eventually ruin the inner-roof and wreak havoc to the interior. Rotting leaves will also create an environment where moss can thrive on your roof. So, it is always best to contract a roof cleaner to clean and treat your roof. Many roof cleaning services have knowledge and skill in dealing with roof moss removal as it is so prevalent with British homes and roofs.

Is mould on your roof bad? If you have discovered mould on your roof, we definitely recommend contracting a roof cleaning service or company to remove and treat the issue. If left alone, mould will eventually spread across your roof and into your home.

Mould, believe it or not, can actually cause serious health issues, such as respiratory infections, asthma, and allergic reactions. Therefore, it is vital to get a roof treatment and employ a roof cleaning and roof moss removal service. Mould also absorbs moisture from the surrounding damp environment, which is common in places like Kent, Surrey, London, and Essex and can begin to establish itself, making it evermore difficult to remove. The roof eventually degrades, and this will call for an expensive roof replacement. The roots in the mould can lift up tile shingles and, with windy conditions, this can result in a safety hazard as the tile could fall off the roof and drop onto someone. This all sounds quite far-fetched, but you would be surprised to how common this problem is. Mould can also damage your roof in a way where leaks are formed.

What are black streaks on roof? In many areas where weather is often an issue, you may notice black streaks on roofs. As it is such a common sight, many dismiss it as nothing serious. However, these black streaks can actually be caused by a special blue-green algae. This algae is commonly known as Gloeocapsa Magna and is spread by certain airborne spores. Anti-moss treatment and roof moss removal methods, using bleach-based chemicals and biocides will ensure a thorough removal of any black algae. Roof cleaning and roof moss removal methods are vital to get this job done.

How often should you clean your roof, or hire a roof cleaning and roof moss removal company? The regularity of cleaning your roof depends on a number of things. What methods are you using/have you used in the past to clean it? What is the condition of your roof at present? Where is your roof located/what conditions surround the roof? These are questions to be considered before deciding on a regular slot for cleaning your roof. Contacting your local roof cleaning and roof moss removal company will ensure a proper evaluation of the necessary details.

On average, with full roof moss removal and roof cleaning, and proper maintenance of clearing away debris, a roof should be cleaned anywhere from 1-2 years. Any longer than that and serious issues could arise. The recommended time for gutter cleaning, depending on surrounding circumstances, is every month, to every year, so that your roof can be properly examined, and any issues will be caught and dealt with early on, rather than years later when the damage is already done. Of course, newer roofs will less likely need cleaning than older roofs, but again, this is something to weigh up, as issues due to neglect can develop so quickly. This adds to reasons to employ a roof moss removal and roof cleaning company.

How long does roof cleaning last? Depending on the methods used for roof moss removal and roof cleaning, a good and thorough job will last from 1-2 years. As said above, this is the recommended time for roof cleaning. If you do not want to go through the expensive and tiring efforts of replacing your roof, regular maintenance is a must.

Does cleaning your roof damage it? With phrases like “chemical cleaning”, or “pressure washing”, many are put off of hiring a roof cleaning service as they are wary about damage to their roof. But, failing to properly care for your roof cleaning and roof moss removal needs will result in negative consequences, and any costs or efforts to clean your roof will definitely pay off.

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